Coming up out of the abyss I am surrounded by fire. My eyes see a realm only perceived in dreams. Yes I am coming up! I am leaving a place to never return again! My spirit is being pulled up into the essence of Love. I am filled with the fire of Love! My being begins to burst into the purity of Joy! Yes the realms of the heaven literally pull me out of the snarls of hell like a vortex of furious love. Tears flow down my face as I begin to peer into the blazing eyes of Life itself. My being begins to shake beyond control for the power that exudes from this Man is beyond anything that exists! O how He has pulled me from the watery depths of Sheol and set my feet upon the Rock! Yes!  I run upon a firm foundation! My foot does not slip nor do my ankles turn. He causes me feet to become like the feet of a deer! I can scale walls and ascend the mountains with ease. O the mercy in those blazing eyes! How they fill me with hope and life! Now here comes a jolt of Grace surging through my soul! Yes it is the strength of my God! It gives me the faith to believe what was done upon Calvary is sufficient for my every need! I need not do a thing but believe. Jesus place your beautiful hands upon my head and speak a better word upon my mind! Breathe upon me once again! Possess me Jesus. Possess my mind! Holy Spirit come into every fiber of my being. Saturate me. Consume me. Let me return to my first Love once again! Renew the Joy of my Salvation! May I find peace in every storm that rages against me! May a be asleep next to you while the storm rages outside the boat. May I be like at your feet like Mary. Yes let me be like John and lay my head against your chest. Tune my ear to the heartbeat of Heaven. To You O Lord I lift up my soul.

No Weapon..

The Sweet Presence permeates round about me. Peace like an oil is poured upon my head. My mind is enveloped in the ecstasy of Joy.  What is the price man could place upon this Peace my soul possesses? No price could be paid for this Rest my mind receives! What Perfection! What Completeness! O how I feel fully alive!!

But in an instance… ravaging fangs sink into the core of my mind! O my peace!! O my rest!! Where have you gone!?  Violent chaos, how were you able to enter such Perfection!? My mind! My mind! It pulsates with terror and fear! Anxiety has wrapped itself within me constricting the lungs of my soul! My eyes have grown dim and the light of my heart grown faint. The venom released from  those ravaging fangs.. it burns like acid eating away at my heart! O Father! Father! Father! Hear me Your very own son!  Come with vengeance! Grant me justice against my adversary! I lift  my hands to were my help comes from. I will not submit to the pain! My mind will vomit this venom! I will burst into holy fire and consume this coiled beast! Ahh yes! There it is! Like a shotgun blast my Lord rages against my enemy! Just one glance from His fiery eyes and my Peace pours in like a flood! Oh my Rest has returned! Yes, there is my Joy! Who can stop my Lord!? Though a thousand stand against me, my hope is the One in me. I will lean my head against the heart of my Savior. I will be soothed by the rhythm of Heaven. In His arms.. in the shadow of the Almighty.. I will abide. 


Reaching into the Realm

Once again my arm is outstretched reaching towards the Heavens! I will reach! Yes I will breach the realm of the natural into the supernatural. I will fight with all my might against the resistance.. hell will stand no chance, for the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force! My hands will lay hold of the miraculous! I will hurl it back to earth with force! There will be explosions of Glory. There will be earth shattering power! Theres going to be a collision! Let Heaven come! Invade the earth! Dominate! Dominate! Rend the Heavens Lord! Let me see the fire of Your eyes! They blaze with passion for your sons and daughters! With just once glance from Your eyes my heart is ravished. Yes come! I desire to see Your hair white as wool! Let me hear Your voice as many rushing waters! Let those waters wash over me like the crashing waves of the sea! What fierceness yet tenderness You possess my King. Your essence surges life to my soul! In Your presence I am fully alive! Just look my direction and I will be complete lacking nothing. Soothe the aches of my soul.. place Your healing hand upon my mind! Come near O Lord! Let the train of Your robe fill my temple! Take Your rightful place in the Heavens and upon the earth! Breathe upon us! Let the two realms collide!


The Opening..

What familiar ground I stand upon this day. Many times my feet have fought to press onward from this place …but they have failed. My mind has been to this place but could never conceive beyond its threshold. Yes, I am at the threshold. This is the gate my heart has so desperately desired to enter but so often been crushed…some days it was thought to be beyond repair. Here in this place I can see the blood, the sweat and the tears of my war. As I stand at this threshold it begins to happen again.  I can smell it.. I can feel that O so familiar shiver start to shoot down my spine. The needle like thoughts start to pierce my mind.. my heart begins to pound in terror..that feverish feeling grips my body…he’s here again. And then he manifests right before my eyes. He’s always got that nasty crooked smile and his smell is beyond vile. His friends stand close by his side snarling, mouth dripping with venom ready to sink their fangs in my flesh. Fear is swirling around me like a demonic vortex. It is here I have lost so many battles. It is in this place I have been beaten and tormented. I can see it in their eyes.. they’re so sure of their victory. Everything feels the same as before…but today is different. They can’t see it…but I have it. I’ve been sharpening it for over 12 years. Haha..there it is! What a surge of power! My veins are pulsating with Blood that never fails. There it is.. my eyes burst into holy flames. Now I see what is true. My ears hear the whisper from on high, “Victory.” And now my ears hear the most beautiful sound.. the creaking of an opening door. Never before had I heard this wonderful sound. And what my adversaries don’t understand about today is.. its my time. That door, that gate.. IT’S MINE!open-door-digital-art-hd-wallpaper-1920x1200-29503.jpg

Your rod and Your staff


Your Rod and Your Staff

Who am I but a simple shepherd boy? Who sees me but just a handful of sheep? Was anyone there to see me when I fell? Was anyone there to see my victory? Who was it that saw me stop to mend the soul of another? Was there one to pat me on the back in the field when I was all alone? No, there was no one but my Rock. There was no applause by men nor did I glimmer in a spot light.. no my victory was seen by an audience of One. Who was it that taught me to war the demonic spirits while they sunk their dripping wet fangs into my flesh? Who was it that pulled out the stinger of the great scorpion from my back!? In the middle of the night when my soul was vexed.. who wiped the acid like tears that streamed down my cheeks? Who delivered me from the demonic paw of the bear upon my chest!? Who was there to cut the head off the python who had constricted itself around my throat? Who was it that was there to understand me when everyone else misunderstood me? There was no one.. no one but my Shepherd. It was You Lord.. it was You whom my victory belongs too! It was you who has delivered me from the fangs of Sheol! You give light to my eyes. You give peace to my weary soul! Yes it was You my Shepherd who carried me when the tormentors broke my legs! It was you who mended the gaping wounds. You are my strong tower in whom I take refuge. You are the one I lean into when my strength fails me. Your rod and Your staff.. they comfort me.


Shattering the Threshold


Threshold of resistance.. I have been knocked back long enough. No longer will you be able to change my direction. No longer will you have the upper hand. Through you I will go into the next realm. Yes, Break Through is the power I possess.. push me and ill push you back with raging Power. Go on! Push me again and you will fill the Earth will shake! Go on, knock me back just one more time and All Consuming Fire will roar out of my mouth! You have gripped my throat far to many times for today my throat contains a weapon, it is my voice! “Be uprooted mountain of resistance!” See what you have done!? Oh how the tables have turned! In all your resisting you thought you had weakened me.. but I become stronger! Yes with each push.. with each fall.. with each blow I became more powerful. I now swell with voltage from On High! Go on.. touch me just once more, it’ll be your last. This day the sole of my foot treads across you threshold. Today your kingdom shatters. Today the honor goes to my King.. so bow down.

I am a son

Im coming closer.. O and look at how with every step, I am being invigorated with life! O how much joy is consuming the very fiber of my existence. I am light.. light as a feather being blown in the wind of the Spirit! O the warmth of His light.. Yes I’m being filled with light! And in me there is no darkness because I am in Him and He is in me. My eyes are full of Truth and my vision is not measurable because I see what He sees. Look the door of intimacy opens before me.. and I walk in. What a glorious sight it is behind the curtain that doesn’t even exist any longer! O those nasty scales caused me to see a veil.. but it was torn so long ago! Jesus sits in all His radiant glory pulsating with love and identity! I am a living waterfall! I am so filled that the virtue of Life flows off me into every life around me. O still I am coming closer and closer. I am Jesus focused! I am Christ conscious! I am dead to sin and alive in Christ! My ears are tuned to One voice! I only respond to the One True Shepherd! I have a Lion and a Lamb that have made their dwelling within me. Seven doves sit upon my shoulders as I live and walk on this path of rightness and they remain. I am a son.



See my soul, see beyond yourself. Venture to the edge and shatter the walls that surround you like wolves. Sever the ties to this repeated cycle. There! Look my soul.. look beyond those hills. It is there you must go. You must not stay standing upon this shattered glass of the past.. no you must journey ahead. O that your eyes would see beyond what others cannot see. Listen, again I say to you my soul, listen to Heavens song over you. Let its melody soothe the inflammation that pulsates through your core. Let your worries be carried away like a leaf in a summer breeze. Do not be downcast O my soul but be encouraged in the Lord. Be strengthened and be one with the Spirit. My soul.. bond yourself to the Word. Thirst for Truth and reject lies. Be lifted up my soul and seated with Christ in heavenly places.


I will magnify You my King. I will ever be poured out like a drink offering before Your Throne. Like a sweet fragrance before your nostrils will my obedience be in the heavens. I shall walk by faith and not by the what my eyes can see. When evil men rise up against me I will lift my holy hands and praise the Lord for You O Lord are my strong tower! You O Lord are my strength and shield! Your are the Light that gives life to my soul! I will not allow the evil ones forked tongue a place in my heart. No! Again I say no! My heart is the Lords and I share it with no other. I will listen to the One who’s tongue is like a doubled edged sword.. Yes! Again I say yes!


Breaking Away

Strongholds, you must come down…from your high position you must crumble and be destroyed. No longer shall you sit in the seat of authority. Remove your venomous hands from the helm of my soul. May your hands be crushed.. may your bones be shattered like glass under the weight of The Anointing. Yes! May your very spine snap and break under the pressure of the preceding glory of my King. O voice of the evil one may you never have my ears again. May my ears become deaf to your beckoning and eyes be blinded to your crooked paths. O but the one who is The Ancient of Days.. may He soothe the inflammation of my soul. My His voice be a symphony of tender music to calm the splintered nerves of my mind. May His Presence be like the Oil of Heaven dripping down upon my head.. yes running down the beard of Aaron. May the fire of His eyes become the light of my soul. O waters of the Spirit come and cleanse me! May Love carry me to the place beyond the heavens into the wonders of my God. May each moment of my existence be awestruck with Your beauty. Father may I forever be tucked into the shadow of Your wing. Fill me with Presence and Power. Pour Your might upon me! Move me by Your wonderful compassion! O stronghold where have you gone? O yes.. as far as the east is from the west this is where you reside. This is not see you later but, surely this is good bye and with that forever and ever, amen.

Flying Eagle

Flying Eagle